Historic Photos From the NYC Municipal Archives


Beautiful historic photos of New York City Municipal Archives.

Grand Central Terminal

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Humans have no free will because of physics


I think free will is an illusion we are forced to believe for it’s the quintessential justification of consciousness. In this context, I see consciousness as a consequence of the accumulation of neural pathways that allow for the processing of possibilities as the environment provides more and more external stimuli through diversity. We’re the sum of all that’s happened to the Universe since the Big Bang, since the very first elementary particle had to react to… well, something. And thus, we are bound by the limits of said universe. Free will would be absolute power over matter, time and space; we can only make choices dictated by the laws of physics.

Since we still have to make decisions, we have to weigh “alternatives,” which Bok defines as “an action that is physically possible.” She said a person is free, according to most philosophers, if “she can make a reasoned choice among various alternatives and act on her decision; in short, only if she has the capacity for self-government.”

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