30 teachers + 1 reduced-gravity aircraft + 2000 ping pong balls

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This is what happens when you put 30 teachers and 2000 ping pong balls in an airplane simulating zero-gravity and it looks like enormous fun!

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A trip downtown


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So I went downtown today. It was dark and damp but there’s always food for the camera in Toronto.

Shot and processed in phone (Galaxy S2X and Snapseed).


Rusty Toronto


A very special map of Toronto

This is a detail of of a much larger map of the Toronto rivers, creeks and park system at the Evergreen Brick Works. It’s a wonderful place to visit, between the re-purposed industrial buildings that produced the bricks used to build the city now harbouring artists’ workshops and the naturalized adjacent quarry – lots to see.

If you’re a Torontonian, it’s a must-see place! Evergreen.ca

Canadian Photogs Now Officially Own the Copyright to All of Their Photos


Great news fellow Canadian photographers, we now own copyright to all of our pictures, commissioned or not!

A big win for photographers in Canada: as of today, you now officially own the copyright to all your photographs regardless of whether they were commissioned. The development comes as a result of Canada major copyright reform bill (Bill C-11) taking effect this morning. One of the stated goals of the new copyright law is to, “give photographers the same rights as other creators.”


Helvetia’s Dream


Make sure to watch this gorgeous timelapse video of the Swiss Alps in full screen and in HD. Watch for a meteor trail at the 46 seconds mark. Amazing!

This will make any Swiss person homesick instantly.

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2012 Toronto Zombie Walk

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2012 Toronto Zombie Walk by David Cantatore Photography2012 Toronto Zombie Walk by David Cantatore Photography

Today was the 10th annual Toronto Zombie Walk. It was a lot of fun shooting zombies despite not-so-nice weather conditions. Once again, the makeup artists did some wonderful work, congratulations to all of them!

Click on the photos to access the gallery.

Walk between the drops

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Rain Room is the amazing installation by rAndom International artists Stuart Wood and Hannes Koch, in which it doesn’t rain on you. 3D cameras track the visitor’s movements to let you literally walk between the drops.

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If you have to watch one Gangnam parody, this is the one. KLINGON STYLE

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Looking up

Looking up

Looking up

Looking up
Toronto, September 19, 2012

Minke Whale

Minke whale

A Minke whale in the St Lawrence estuary near Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec

A Minke whale in the St Lawrence estuary. There were hundreds of them during breeding season in the seemingly calm waters, but don’t let that fool you! According to the ship’s captain, the water is nearly freezing (between 2 and 4 degrees Celsius), the currents incredibly strong and the depths are teeming with sharks big enough to munch on an adult seal.