Good riddance


The Swiss parliament has decided not to re-elect the most despicable politician, Christof Blocher.
I salute this courageous display of political dignity and integrity, which will bring many changes, at least in the way Switzerland will be seen from the outside AND sending a clear message that being racist, xenophobic, intolerant and plainly disrespectful is NOT what this country is about.

During his 4 years tenure as a federal counsillor (government minister), Mr Blocher has repeatedly ignored the country’s laws, traditions and elementary reserve high officials should abide to. Good riddance, asshole.


Uncategorized (DKS for friends) is 10 and is celebrating on October 5 at the famous Usine!
I’ve been a member of this great Geneva association for years and have known its creators and maintainers since the very beginning. They provide free hosting to artists (bands, designers, cartoonists, photographers, etc.) and local associations, supporting the alternative culture of the 21st century. I can’t begin to describe how grateful I am to them, for everything they’ve made possible and the great parties! Thank you guys (and girls) and I hope we’ll be all there to celebrate the 20th anniversary!